When it comes to sales, when the bottom line is closing, when all that matters is selling your services or products, then there are phrases and words which will make you or break you in front of your prospect.

Using the right words and phrases will hit notes which will instantly convert your prospect into a paying customer and then, on the other hand, there are phases that can get you off the track in a flick of a second no matter how great your product or service is.

Let’s discuss here what phrases are to be avoided to get ahead and close a sale.

Number 1 —

“I am the best sales guy”

OK, who cares?

Why would you tell this to your prospect? You are not gaining anything from this sentence and this highlights your ego in front of the prospect. All the great salespeople never say it loud how great they are, they just walk in and sell you stuff you don’t even want without even telling you that they are selling. Monetize on the pain points and show your prospects how your product or service can solve a problem for them.

Number 2 —

“To be honest”

To be honest is the last phrase you want to use in any conversation, let alone a sales pitch.

This states that you were being dishonest, you have lied the whole conversation before that very moment and you have butchered your credibility.

Number 3 —

“Trust me”

We have heard this a lot; trust me on the price, or trust me with the service.

Do you really trust someone who says trust me? Most of the time this phrase will only increase suspicion on your product and service even though you may be the best out there. If you’re trustworthy and honest with your services and products, you don’t have to tell them, your actions will speak for themselves.

Number 4 —

“Just Following up”

A lot of salespeople use this and this has become a lot more common than you can imagine, you get this a lot on calls, meetings, emails everywhere, and that is the problem.

Following up, the phrase has been used so much that now the prospect knows you what to just sell and will instantly refuse or ignore. Following up will seldom take you anywhere in sales. Offer them something new, come up with a solution to their problems, sell them on new features that you lacked the last time.

Number 5 —

“Sorry to bother you’’

If you are so sorry then why are you even bothering them?

You will have to stop being apologetic for selling your service or product just because they are paying does not make them more powerful. Your time is as valuable as there and you can show them this by not apologizing for selling.

Number 6 —


People want to buy but they hate to spend and the word “buy” triggers a spending notion that will make them resent.

People don’t like to spend their money and when you tell them to buy something they get more cautious about spending their money, so don’t tell anyone to buy, tell them to own. Tell them to take charge, tell them to take your product home, separate them from their fear of spending money, and see your product fly off the shelves.

Number 7 —

“We are better than XYZ”

Do not go and compare yourselves with your competitor directly.

This statement is very obvious and hardly any prospect will buy into this. It will only make you look insecure. Be confident in your skills and products and if the competition comes up, tell the prospect that they are good people doing good work and just focus on your customer’s pain points rather than your competition.

Number 8 —


The word itself is so so heavy and makes people think, discuss, and consider going into legal trouble.

No one wants to read your 50 to 70 pages of legal language, instead use the word “agreement”. Something you have mutually agreed to. Make the language a notch simpler or explain in terms that were mutually decided.

Number 9 —

“I haven’t heard back from you”

Well obviously yes, because they don’t want to buy from you and if you keep on making them feel guilty, next time they won’t even pick your call.

Stop making them feel guilty and come up with something which will make them want to go with your services or product, show them how a new version will solve what their problems are, and keep them updated in the future.

Number 10 —


This is just a very cold and very formal word to be used in any conversation.

This is not a word one uses in their normal day to day like talking to friends or family or around in the office. This kind of words will make your prospect uncomfortable and the idea here is quite the opposite, you have to get the prospect to be comfortable with you and share their problem, not what service/product they are looking for, and give them a solution to the problem.

This solution will close the sale and not an uncomfortable formality.

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