Productivity in this fast-paced world is what will make you successful. The one differentiating habit between rich and poor is productivity.

Rich successful people have already figured out how to be more productive in the same 24 hours everyone has and to achieve the goals you need to figure out the same.

Being productive is not the same as being busy.

You must have heard this before and you will hear this a lot because this is a very valuable lesson.

If you think your day though, most of your tasks are neither important nor urgent and could have been scheduled for later or completely avoided.

Let me help you understand how to figure this out and get more productive.

List all your daily task somewhere and start dividing them into 4 groups.

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1st — Important and Urgent

The most important task which needs to be done now, there is no scope for any delay here.

These can be super sensitive phone calls, meetings, presentations or product deadlines. Any time-sensitive task which boosts your growth will be under this section, and this section should be the highest priority.

2nd — Urgent but Not Important

These are the task which needs your attention now but does not make a lot of difference.

These may be regular emails, social media posts or check-up calls. Things which are to be done in a given time frame but will add little or no value.

These tasks should be revalued, re-prioritized and if possible these can be automated or squeezed between another task to avoid taking up your valuable time.

3rd — Important but Not Urgent

Things which need to be done but can wait a while. Things which will impact you in the long run and not make a valuable effect today.

These can be meetings with old clients, following up with old prospects to check on them occasionally, sending out festive emails and messages.

Things which can be pushed ahead a few days or weeks but have to be done eventually.

These tasks if planned ahead of time can make room for other daily urgent task and streamline all your productivity which may lead to opportunities that were not there initially.

4th — Not important Not urgent

Going out for a movie or drinks with friends, watching that new exciting show on Netflix; these are neither important nor urgent.

Taking a break will help and may even make you more productive but to realize that these tasks are not important and should not be a priority at any scale is the key.

If you know the value these tasks add then only you can manage your time around these.

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Once you prioritize your tasks with your time then you will start noticing the difference in how well you have conquered what was required to give you a head start you always needed.

To help you be more productive, we have worked on an amazing product; Insignal. Our aim is to help you understand your users better and be more focused on what is actually the need of hour.

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