Most people today don’t know how to communicate efficiently, very few people can sell and almost none can close a sale. You can be good at cold calling, presentation, prospecting or demo but these things will not make you the salesperson you want to be.

A good sales call or presentation will never get you the money. Closing will get the money to run to your account, closing the sales is all that matters.

Until you close a deal, you are not a salesperson.

This is what we are here to uncover in 3 simple steps to not just sell your product, but how to close a sales deal.

1. Empathize

You can talk all you want to your customer, you can discuss features, design, and functionality all day but until the client feels a connection they are not going to buy.

This goes especially for high ticket purchases. If you work retail or guide customers towards the product, this may not apply to you. But if you are selling a high ticket item where there is big money involved, then the client is looking towards the connection more than the product.

Make sure the client know that you have got their back. This means that you should be willing to tell them if your product is not a good fit for them and even guide them to something better suited to their needs.

This kind of empathy will take you places in the long run.

Show them that you care for their success and they will make it happen for you.

2. Understand

Most clients don’t know what solution they need, they don’t understand what solution can help them the best.

Your job here is to understand what their pain points are, diagnose their problem efficiently and help them understand what problems they face and how your solution will solve their biggest pain points.

Provide them a sure shot cure for their pain and they will run to you for that sale.

This is the best way to showcase your features, tell them using their scenarios how your product can solve their problems.

3. Handle Objections

The best way to handle objections is not to handle any.

Be proactive and be offensive in your presentations. Cover all aspects of your solution and give them no room for objection.

Be prepared enough and better not read out a script. Scripts don’t work in all rooms, read the room, judge their pain points, show them you care for their problems and hand them a way out.

Do not leave space for any discomfort, if you don’t give them an option there will be no objections.

These are very simple but effective ways to connect to your prospects and convert them into paying customers.

People don’t want to be sold but they love buying, slow down on the selling part and start caring.

Start giving them a solution to their pain points, start connecting with them and helping them out and don’t oversell.

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