One of the main aspects of Insignal is it’s recording page. And hence, we at Insignal have been working to improve it on daily basis.

Today, we are happy to push a minor update for the same. Below are the new things we are introducing to the workflow and things we are updating:

1. Mouse tail

In this update, we have added a mouse tail which will let you see the mouse movements more accurately than before.

All the mouse movements will have a red tail to it now.

2. Extra details

In our pursuit to make recordings better yet keep it clutter-free, we have redesigned the recording playback window. It is much cleaner and more loaded than before.

There is a new sidebar in the right with extra information like first & last visit of the user and also an option to directly view the timeline of the visitor.

3. Recording status

Since our early days, this was the feature that has been most requested. And we are happy to finally do it right!

Now all the recordings will be marked as watched automatically as you play them with an option to see when it was played exactly.

In the coming days, we will be introducing an option to see who played it in case of a team.

These updates were a result of the amazing feedback we receive from our Insignal community and we thank you all for being a part of this journey with us.

We will be pushing more updates in the coming days and just can’t wait to share those.

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